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New Books!

Fundamentals of Database Management Systems

In the newly revised third edition of Fundamentals of Database Management Systems, veteran database expert Dr. Mark Gillenson delivers an authoritative and comprehensive account of contemporary database management. The Third Edition assists readers in understanding critical topics in the subject, including data modeling, relational database concepts, logical and physical database design, SQL, data administration, data security, NoSQL, blockchain, database in the cloud, and more. The author offers a firm grounding in the fundamentals of database while, at the same time, providing a wide-ranging survey of database subfields relevant to information systems professionals. And, now included in the supplements, the author's audio narration of the included PowerPoint slides! Readers will also find: Brand-new content on NoSQL database management, NewSQL, blockchain, and database-intensive applications, including data analytics, ERP, CRM, and SCM Updated and revised narrative material designed to offer a friendly introduction to database management Renewed coverage of cloud-based database management Extensive updates to incorporate the transition from rotating disk secondary storage to solid state drives

GitHub for Dummies

Get more out of your coding with GitHub For today's coders, GitHub is a must. The world's largest software development platform, GitHub helps developers store, track, and collaborate on software projects. In this easy-to-follow Dummies guide, you'll find insight into creating repositories, establishing projects, collaborating, incorporating open-source resources, and establishing yourself as a valued member of the GitHub community. With a working knowledge of GitHub, you'll be a better, more employable programmer. The simple instructions and interactive examples in this book will get you there quickly. Get the instructions you need for using GitHub to collaborate on software projects Become more attractive to employers with knowledge and experience in the largest development platform Set up GitHub Desktop, create a repository, and launch your first project Use GitHub Skills courses to learn new tricks, for beginners to pros You've learned how to write a little code--now learn how to share it with GitHub.

Effective Haskell

Put the power of Haskell to work in your programs, learning from an engineer who uses Haskell daily to get practical work done efficiently. Leverage powerful features like Monad Transformers and Type Families to build useful applications. Realize the benefits of a pure functional language, like protecting your code from side effects. Manage concurrent processes fearlessly. Apply functional techniques to working with databases and building RESTful services. Don't get bogged down in theory, but learn to employ advanced programming concepts to solve real-world problems. Don't just learn the syntax, but dive deeply into Haskell as you build efficient, well-tested programs. Haskell is a pure functional programming language with a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries. Designed to push the boundaries of programming, it offers unparalleled power for building reliable and maintainable systems. But to unleash that power, you need a guide. Effective Haskell is that guide. Written by an engineer who understands how to apply Haskell to the real world and uses it daily to get practical work done, it is your ticket to Haskell mastery. Gain deep understanding of how Haskell deals with IO and the outside world by writing a complete Haskell application that does several different kinds of IO. Reinforce your learnings with practice exercises in every chapter. Write stable and performant code using Haskell's type system, code that is easier to grow and refactor. Leverage the power of pure functional programming to improve collaboration, make concurrency safe and easy, and make large code bases manageable. Implement type-safe web services, write generative tests, design strongly typed embedded domain-specific languages, and build applications that exploit parallelism and concurrency without fear of deadlocks and race conditions. Create and deploy cloud-native Haskell applications. Master the performance characteristics of functional applications to make them run faster and use less memory. Write Haskell programs that solve real-world business problems. What You Need: Intel based Mac, M1 Macs, Linux PC, or Windows with WSL2 ghcup (http://www. An active internet connection will be required for some projects.

CompTIA ITF+ CertMike: Prepare. Practice. Pass the Test! Get Certified!

The leading, no-nonsense guide to get you up to speed on the fundamentals of IT In CompTIA ITF+ CertMike: Prepare. Practice. Pass the Exam! Get Certified! Exam FC0-U61, experienced tech education guru Mike Chapple delivers an essential and efficient guide to acing the ITF+ (IT Fundamentals+) exam administered by CompTIA. In the book, you'll get access to every objective tested by the foundational exam, including IT concepts and terminology, infrastructure, applications and software, software development, database fundamentals, and security. Ace the test using the proven CertMike approach: Prepare -- CertMike is your personal study coach, guiding you through all the exam objectives and helping you gain an understanding of how they apply to on-the-job tasks! Practice -- Each chapter includes two multiple choice practice questions. Work through the detailed explanations to evaluate each answer option and understand the reason for the best answer! Pass -- On exam day, use the critical knowledge you've learned when you're ready to take the test. You'll feel ready and confident to pass the exam and earn your certification! With a laser-focus on getting you job- and exam-ready, the book skips the fluff and gets right to the point of getting you familiar with IT basics and on the road to an in-demand IT certification and a new career in tech. You'll also get complimentary access to additional online study tools, complete with a bonus practice exam and audio recordings of the CertMike Exam Essentials. Banish test anxiety and feel ready to pass the test--the first time around! A must-read guide for anyone considering a career in IT and looking for a resource that assumes no background knowledge or experience, CompTIA ITF+ CertMike: Prepare. Practice. Pass the Test! Get Certified! Exam FC0-U61 is your ticket to basic IT competency and confidence.

Metaverse for Dummies

Your first step to understanding what the metaverse is all about You've probably heard that the metaverse--a word that seemingly went from nonexistent to everywhere -- is the next big thing in technology. What is it, anyway? Written by a leading futurist, Metaverse For Dummies unravels the mysteries of the metaverse, for the curious and for anyone looking to get in on the ground floor. Discover how to carve out your niche in the metaverse with easy-to-understand breakdowns of the major technologies and platforms, a guide to doing business in the metaverse, and explorations of what meta means for sports, education, and just about every other area of life. The book even gives you a guide to safety in the metaverse, including how much of your real life you should share in your virtual one. This book answers all the big questions about the metaverse, in simple terms. Explore the metaverse and the major players Get a look at how the metaverse will disrupt industries from gaming to online commerce Discover business opportunities on the metaverse Dive into metaverse gaming and virtual events--safely This book is a must for anyone looking for an approachable primer on what the metaverse is, how it works, and the opportunities within it.

Making a Metaverse That Matters

An up-close account from the world's first metaverse-embedded reporter In Making a Metaverse That Matters: From Snow Crash & Second Life to A Virtual World Worth Fighting For, the celebrated author of The Making of Second Life and Game Design Secrets, Wagner James Au, delivers an engrossing exploration of how nascent metaverse platforms have already captured the imagination of millions. Featuring powerful stories and dozens of incisive interviews with insiders including Metaverse creator Neal Stephenson himself, the author uses his unique, grassroots-level perspective as the first reporter embedded in a metaverse platform. Readers will learn about: How to understand and define the Metaverse and cut through the many myths and misconceptions around it. A behind-the-scenes account of launching Second Life, the first metaverse platform to achieve mainstream awareness, and what its many controversies teach us. Where current platforms Meta, Roblox, Fortnite, VRChat, and Lamina1, Neal Stephenson's own metaverse startup, fit in the ecosystem. How to address the many dangers inherent in the Metaverse before it becomes central to the Internet. Perfect for XR industry members and indie creatives, Making a Metaverse That Matters is also for tech professionals, virtual world communities, and anyone interested in the future of culture and commerce.

Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2019/2022

With PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2019/2022 by bestselling technology author Diane Zak, even readers with no prior programming experience can quickly learn how to effectively plan and create interactive Visual Basic 2019/2022 applications. A dynamic visual presentation, timely examples, step-by-step tutorials and practical exercises addressing a variety of learning styles make this the ideal introduction to programming. Through hands-on applications in a real-world setting, you will master the fundamentals of effective programming while working through Visual Basic 2019/2022's latest features. In addition to planning and creating your own Windows applications, you will learn about graphical user interface design skills, object-oriented programming concepts and planning tools such as Planning Charts, pseudocode and flowcharts. Also available: MindTap online learning platform.

Database Systems

This book provides a concise but comprehensive guide to the disciplines of database design, construction, implementation, and management. Based on the authors' professional experience in the software engineering and IT industries before making a career switch to academia, the text stresses sound database design as a necessary precursor to successful development and administration of database systems. The discipline of database systems design and management is discussed within the context of the bigger picture of software engineering. Students are led to understand from the outset of the text that a database is a critical component of a software infrastructure, and that proper database design and management is integral to the success of a software system. Additionally, students are led to appreciate the huge value of a properly designed database to the success of a business enterprise. The text was written for three target audiences. It is suited for undergraduate students of computer science and related disciplines who are pursuing a course in database systems, graduate students who are pursuing an introductory course to database, and practicing software engineers and information technology (IT) professionals who need a quick reference on database design. Database Systems: A Pragmatic Approach, 3rd Edition discusses concepts, principles, design, implementation, and management issues related to database systems. Each chapter is organized into brief, reader-friendly, conversational sections with itemization of salient points to be remembered. This pragmatic approach includes adequate treatment of database theory and practice based on strategies that have been tested, proven, and refined over several years. Features of the third edition include: Short paragraphs that express the salient aspects of each subject Bullet points itemizing important points for easy memorization Fully revised and updated diagrams and figures to illustrate concepts to enhance the student's understanding Real-world examples Original methodologies applicable to database design Step-by-step, student-friendly guidelines for solving generic database systems problems Opening chapter overviews and concluding chapter summaries Discussion of DBMS alternatives such as the Entity-Attributes-Value model, NoSQL databases, database-supporting frameworks, and other burgeoning database technologies A chapter with sample assignment questions and case studies This textbook may be used as a one-semester or two-semester course in database systems, augmented by a DBMS (preferably Oracle). After its usage, students will come away with a firm grasp of the design, development, implementation, and management of a database system.

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence: Problem Solving and Automated Reasoning

A hands-on introduction to the principles and practices of modern artificial intelligence This comprehensive textbook focuses on the core techniques and processes underlying today's artificial intelligence, including algorithms, data structures, logic, automated reasoning, and problem solving. The book contains information about planning and about expert systems. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence: Problem Solving and Automated Reasoning is written in a concise format with a view to optimizing learning. Each chapter contains a brief historical overview, control questions to reinforce important concepts, plus computer assignments and ideas for independent thought. The book includes many visuals to illustrate the essential ideas and many examples to show how to use these ideas in practical implementations. Presented in a concise format to optimize learning Includes historical overviews, summaries, exercises, thought experiments, and computer assignments Written by a recognized artificial intelligence expert and experienced author

Computers As Components

Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design, Fifth Edition continues to focus on foundational content in embedded systems technology and design while updating material throughout the book and introducing new content on machine learning and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems.

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