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Computer Technologies

New Books!

C++ Programming Fundamentals

This book is designed to cover the basics of C++, the powerful programming language used by developers all over the world. Its readily understandable concepts and easy syntax areused in video games, embedded systems, IoT devices, and resource-heavy AI applications. Using a "self-teaching" method with numerous examples and figures, the book covers all of the major C++ concepts, including pointers, classes, strings, arrays, polymorphism, inheritance, file handling, and more. Various types of the end of chapter exercises include theoretical, practical, and multiple choice (with answers) to enhance comprehension of the topics covered. FEATURES: Uses a self-teaching method with numerous examples, figures, and a variety of exercises Covers all of the basic C++ concepts including strings, arrays, classes, file handling and more

Textbooks on Reserve

The RCBC Library has many course textbooks on reserve. These books can be reserved for two hours at a time.

You can view which textbooks are available by subject on this guide:

Textbooks on Reserve at RCBC

Suggested eBooks

Ebooks are accessible directly from the Library catalog. If you're interested in finding ebooks only, head to Ebook Central or eBook Collection. To log in, use the barcode located on the back of your student ID and your pin number. You have the option to download ebooks to a device, but we strongly recommend reading them online to take advantage of the full suite of available tools. Create a personal account using your Library barcode and PIN to manage and organize your ebook reading and research.

Suggested Reading

Print books are arranged on the shelf in Library of Congress Call Number order. Each call number begins with an alphanumeric base (e.g., "BF109.J8") that is followed by a cutter and a date of publication (e.g., "A25 1993"). See a librarian if you need assistance.

Call Number Range (Where to Find Books on the Bookshelves)

  • Q - Q1-390 Science (General)
    • Q1-295 General
    • Q300-390 Cybernetics
    • Q350-390 Information theory
  • T - Technology
  • TK - Electrical engineering, Electronics, Nuclear engineering

Please check the catalog or databases, or contact RCBC Library to see if book is currently available. 

Need A Book We Don't Have?

  • RCBC Library is part of the Burlington County Library System (BCLS)

    • Your RCBC Library barcode allows you to check out physical material at other BCLS branches. (A separate BCLS Library card is needed to access their online resources.) 

    • If another branch has a book that you are looking for, either call them to place it on hold for you, or as a RCBC librarian to call for you.

    • Note: a book that shows up as being in another branch may be currently in use by another patron. Save yourself a trip and call to double check the book's availability!

  • Inter-library Loans

    • If a book that you want is not available in the RCBC Library or BCLS, we can attempt to order the book from an outside library to be delivered to the RCBC Library. Note: this method may take 2 weeks or longer for the book to arrive at RCBC.

    • To order a book via inter-library loan, please either fill out a blank form from JerseyCat or contact Debbie Kolodziej at

  • Faculty Book Requests

    • For more information, please contact Rachel Pieters at or ext. 1269.