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The Associate in Fine Arts degree in Art provides a strong foundation in drawing, design, and 3 dimensional design.

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The RCBC Library has many course textbooks on reserve. These books can be reserved for two hours at a time.

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* Major career-spanning exhibition of one of father of Impressionism, opening at the Ashmolean Museum in February 2022* The Ashmolean Museum houses the Pissarro Family archive - the largest in the world* Many previously unseen works will be featuredCamille Pissarro (1830-1903) is one of the most celebrated artists of 19th-century France and a central figure in Impressionism. Considered a father-figure to many in the movement, his work was enormously influential for many artists, including Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne. This major exhibition, of works drawn from the Ashmolean's collections as well as international loans, will span Pissarro's entire career. Pissarro continued to explore and refine his approach and technique throughout his life. The exhibition will look at how he responded to the previous generation of artists including Corot and Daubigny, to his relationship with the Impressionists with whom he allied himself and encouraged in the face of rejection by the established art world. Never ceasing to question his method, he developed close working relationships with Gaugin, for whom he was a mentor, and Cézanne for whom he was both teacher and pupil. It also includes a section on his family life - he was a devoted husband and father and his four sons all became artists. The Ashmolean has numerous sketches and photographs of the family.

Divine Love

Divine Love: The Art of the Nativity explores the ways in which the birth of Christ, at the heart of the Christian mystery, has been depicted from the earliest times. The book is thematic rather than chronological. Here Sarah Drummond explores the legends and traditions that have played into the way artists have visualised the Nativity. She discovers how, and why, the images and the elements that are shown evolved have. We learn about the essential ingredients concerning the Nativity and about the layers of meaning that the images reveal; and how have artists found ways to express both the human and the Divine natures of the Christ Child?

Color Psychology

Color Psychology: Profit From The Psychology of Color: Discover the Meaning and Effect of ColorsThe book "Color Psychology" explains the different psychological effects that different colors have on the human mind. Color consultants believe that the colors used in the design of any object or environment (e.g. a website) can have a significant impact on the emotions and performance of people within that environment and that people respond, even at a psychological level, to colors. Based upon fundamentals in Color Psychology, with years of research by color psychologists, the characteristics of certain colors have been identified to cause an emotional response in people. This was done by studying the response from hundreds of thousands of test subjects around the world in order to isolate how certain colors make us feel. What You'll Learn: How Color Can Improve Your Bottom Line How Color Can Affect People's Emotions Which Colors Suit Your Target Market Which Are The "Magic" Colors Which Color makes Shoppers Spend More And Much, Much More... The effect that color has on human emotions can be profound. Researchers have studied the biological perception of color, the relationships between color and emotion, and how different colors can be used to affect mood and behavior in predictable ways. Although The Psychology of Color is a relatively new area of scientific research, ancient civilizations believed in the influence of color on humans; the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Indians believed in chromotherapy. The Future Use of The Psychology of Color...Case Study: With world-renowned Spanish chef, Ferran Adria, he focused on the color of the crockery. Guests sat down one side of a large table were given a pink strawberry dessert on a white plate. Down the other side of the table guests ate an identical dessert from a black plate. Those eating from the white plates rated the dessert as 10% sweeter than those who ate from the black plates. Subsequent experiments have shown that introducing a square or angular plate intensifies the difference, with roundness accentuating sweetness. "Clearly contextual perception is a big opportunity." Johannes Le Coutre, a perception physiologist with Nestle. Who is This Book For? Anyone interested in the influence of color will get something from this book. However, primarily I wrote this book as a guide for all Internet Business People, Marketers and Entrepreneurs because I think it's essential that we all understand the psychological influence of color.Changing the colors on your sales page or website won't suddenly bring in millions of dollars but there is no doubt that a change of color may well result in a change of mood in the viewer; it's how you use that power that can determine your profitability. The challenge for you as an Internet Business Person, Marketers or Entrepreneur is to understand the theories of color and to use them in a profitable but professional and ethical way.People Who Read This Book: "I was blown away by the information. Great book." Jonathan Smith, "I can heartily recommend this Book. The book describes the emotional reactions that people may be expected to evince, based on considerable research by psychologists." David J. Linden, "It's fascinating to see the way that certain institutions use these colors in order to influence people." George Cuthbert, "Know exactly what color combinations you will need to use on your site." Jeff Gibson, Mr. Affiliate. "Good read, I recommend it." Kaan Bimplis (Neurophysicist & Licensed NLP Trainer) NB: "Color Psychology" - color theory, color and design, and psychology of color and design.

Medieval Illumination New Ed

Illuminated manuscripts from England and France are among the greatest masterpieces of medieval European art. This beautiful new book showcases dozens of the finest examples, many of which have never before been exhibited and are rarely reproduced. It reveals the close artistic and intellectual connections between Anglo-Saxon and Norman England and medieval France, where scribes and illuminators often shared stylistic ideas and subject-matter. Among the manuscripts featured here are gospel-books and saints' lives, histories, and herbals. Together they give rich insights into the culture and beliefs of people in medieval Europe, and they are a significant source of evidence for Anglo-Saxon England in particular. Curators from the British Library in London and the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris have collaborated on a major project to study these manuscripts in detail--this book introduces their findings alongside stunning images.

20th Century Indian Art

A landmark volume presenting the history of Indian art across the subcontinent and South Asia from the late 19th century to the present day, published in association with Art Alive. Recent decades have seen significant growth in the interest, acquisition and exhibition of modern Indian and South Asian art and artists by major international museums. This essential textbook, primarily aimed at students, presents an engaging, informative history of modern art from the subcontinent as seen through the eyes of prominent Indian academics. Illustrated throughout with strong narrative content, key experts contribute multiple perspectives on modernism, modernity and plurality, and expansive ideas about contemporary art practices. A range of subjects and topics feature including Group 1890, the Madras Art Movement, Regional Modern and Dalit art, as well as artists such as Amrita Sher-Gil and Raqs Media Collective. This book also has sections devoted to the art of Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and other parts of South Asia. Together with lively academic discussions and a selection of absorbing interviews with artists, this title meets a clear demand for a comprehensive and authoritative sourcebook on modern, postmodern and contemporary Indian art. It is the definitive reference for anyone with an interest in Indian art and non-Western art histories. Published in association with Art Alive

The Visual Arts of Africa

The Visual Arts of Africa: Gender, Power, and Life Cycle Rituals presents a broad geographical coverage of the rich, diverse art traditions found on the vast continent of Africa. It is designed for single-semester survey courses on African Art, and can also be used as part of a survey ofglobal art course. Beginning with North Africa and the Sahara and ending with South Africa, the book introduces students to major art traditions ranging from important ancient, archaeological finds to the work of artists active today, both those working with received traditions as well as thosetrained in Western institutions.The book's organization is based on a geographical approach, allowing for art works to be situated within the particular historical and cultural contexts of the different geographical regions of Africa. For each major geographical region, a selection of early documented art works to more recent arttraditions are examined. Throughout the text the authors give special attention to the important themes of gender, power, and life cycle rituals that frequently intersect with one another to inform an understanding of the arts of Africa.

Frida Kahlo

As a woman artist who confronted many taboo subjects - and herself - head-on, Kahlo produced groundbreaking work that shifted the terrain of the art world. In these pages, new high-resolution photographs present the most accurate reproductions ever of her visionary artworks, including many ravishing details. That astounding fidelity and the detailed analysis of the artist's life and process combine to make this a must-have book for Kahlo's legions of fans worldwide. Readable and illuminating, Frida Kahlo is illustrated with rarely seen paintings from private collections alongside iconic favourites, including many of Kahlo's striking self-portraits and her sensual still lifes. Archival and personal photographs, insightful descriptions of her works, and numerous excerpts from her intimate diaries and letters provide context and imbue Kahlo's work with additional meaning. Authors Héctor Tajonar and Roxana Velásquez--the world's foremost authorities on Frida Kahlo - deftly untangle the many threads of Kahlo's complex persona. Kahlo was a charismatic force. Fiercely political and proud of her Mexican heritage, she maintained a dense network of romantic and platonic relationships, including two marriages to fellow artist Diego Rivera. But her childhood illness and the tragic accident she suffered as a teenager left her physically vulnerable. Understanding that duality is key to fully appreciating Kahlo's extraordinary work. With this deeply researched, stunningly designed volume in hand, readers can do just that.

The King's Painter: The life and times of Hans Holbein


'A great, thrusting codpiece of a book. It is big, bombastic and richly brocaded... A jewel in its own right' The Times

'Evokes the painter and his world as vividly as a Holbein masterpiece. Beautifully written and illustrated, this book is a must for lovers of Tudor history' Tracy Borman

Full of insight... This is a gorgeous book, to which I am sure I shall return again and again' Dan Jones

Hans Holbein the Younger is chiefly celebrated for his beautiful and precisely realised portraiture, which includes representations of Henry VIII, Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell, Anne of Cleves, Jane Seymour and an array of the Tudor lords and ladies he encountered during the course of two sojourns in England. But beyond these familiar images, which have come to define our perception of the world of the Henrician court, Holbein was a protean and multi-faceted genius: a humanist, satirist, political propagandist, and contributor to the history of book design as well as a religious artist and court painter. The rich layers of symbolism and allusion that characterise his work have proved especially fascinating to scholars.

Franny Moyle traces and analyses the life and work of an extraordinary artist against the backdrop of an era of political turbulence and cultural transformation, to which his art offers a subtle and endlessly refracting mirror.

The Two Michelangelos

Michelangelo was the given name not only of the Florentine sculptor, but also of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, commonly called by reference to his hometown. In this book, author Bette Talvacchia explores the significant, but little-discussed, connection between the 'two Michelangelos.' She exposes the dynamic relationship between their work through looking at the ways in which Caravaggio creatively responded to the art of his namesake from the start of his youthful arrival in Rome. In addition, she suggests how Michelangelo's overwhelming achievement was a model that helped to drive the young Caravaggio's powerful ambition and shape his identity as an artist. With lucid and intelligent prose, this fascinating book sheds light on the similar 'artistic temperament' constructed in the biographies of each artist--glorifying their rebellious, anti-social behaviour and uncompromising artistic principles--examined both in its historical and contemporary configurations.


An authoritative introduction to one of the most influential painters in the history of art, written by the pre-eminent authority on the subject and informed by the latest research. More versatile and less idiosyncratic than Michelangelo, more prolific and accessible than his mentor Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, though he died at only thirty-seven, is considered the single most influential artist of the Renaissance. Here, art historian Paul Joannides explores the different social and regional contexts of Raphael's work and discusses all aspects of his artistic output. He traces Raphael's career from his origins in Urbino, through his altarpieces made in Umbria in the shadow of Perugino, to the first flowering of his genius in Florence where he painted a series of iconic Madonnas that are among the most beloved images in Western art. Raphael's employment by the dynamic and demanding Pope Julius II gave him opportunities without parallel and encouraged the full expansion of his genius. As a sophisticate entrepreneur, he dominated Rome's artistic life and extended the range of his activities to that of architect, designer, pioneer archaeologist and theoretician. The foundation of Raphael's versatility and range was his supreme clarity of mind as a draughtsman. Knowledge of his drawings, on which Joannides is a leading expert, is central to understanding of his achievement, and they are thoroughly explored here.

Making Modernity in the Islamic Mediterranean

The Islamic world's artistic traditions experienced profound transformation in the 19th century as rapidly developing technologies and globalizing markets ushered in drastic changes in technique, style, and content. Despite the importance and ingenuity of these developments, the 19th century remains a gap in the history of Islamic art. To fill this opening in art historical scholarship, Making Modernity in the Islamic Mediterranean charts transformations in image-making, architecture, and craft production in the Islamic world from Fez to Istanbul. Contributors focus on the shifting methods of production, reproduction, circulation, and exchange artists faced as they worked in fields such as photography, weaving, design, metalwork, ceramics, and even transportation. Covering a range of media and a wide geographical spread, Making Modernity in the Islamic Mediterranean reveals how 19th-century artists in the Middle East and North Africa reckoned with new tools, materials, and tastes from local perspectives.

Rembrandt's Hundred Guilder Print

Always recognised as a master print from the moment of its appearance around 1649, "The Hundred Guilder Print" is one of Rembrandt's most compositionally complex and visually beautiful works. This book gives a full overview of the fascinating story surrounding this print, from its genesis and market value to attitudes towards it in the present day. Focusing on the tradition of printmaking as well as the reception of the print in Rembrandt's time, Golahny explores the ways the artist made visual references to the work of such masters as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci, while uniquely combining aspects of Christ's ministry. Placing it within its wider cultural and historical context, Rembrandt's Hundred Guilder Print offers an original and engaging approach to current Rembrandt scholarship and is essential reading for anyone interested in the work of one of the most famous artists of the Dutch Global Age.

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