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HIS 213: Genocide


This research guide is designed for the HIS 213 Genocide course. It has suggestions of where to find materials to assist you with your research. A sampling of books, ebooks, streaming videos, dvds, and websites are suggested, but this is not a complete listing of available materials on each topic. If you need help finding research, please ask a librarian!

General Databases

These databases are great for finding advanced information, research, and data from scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. 

RCBC Streaming Video Databases

Streaming videos can be found in the following RCBC Databases. To access streaming videos, you will need your activated library barcode and pin.

New Books!

America and the Holocaust

The first comprehensive volume to teach about America's response to the Holocaust through visual media, America and the Holocaust: A Documentary History explores the complex subject through the lens of one hundred important documents that help illuminate and amplify key episodes and issues. Each chapter pivots on five key documents: two in image form and three in text form. Individual introductions that contextualize the documents are followed by explanatory text, analysis of historical implications, and suggestions for further reading. A concluding state-of-the-field essay documents how scholars have arrived at the presented information. A complementary teacher's guide with questions for discussion is available online. The twenty chapters address a broad range of subjects and events, among them America's response to Hitler's rise, U.S. public opinion about Jews, immigration policy, the Wagner-Rogers bill to save children, American rescuers, news coverage of atrocities, American Jewish and Christian responses to the Holocaust, the campaign for U.S. rescue action, the question of bombing Auschwitz, and liberation. Viewing real documents as a means to understanding core issues will deepen reader involvement with this material. High school and college students as well as general readers of all levels of knowledge will be engaged in understanding this crucial chapter in American history and weighing questions regarding mass atrocities in our own era.

RCBC Books

Print books are arranged on the shelf in Library of Congress Call Number order. Each call number begins with an alphanumeric base (e.g., "BF109.J8") that is followed by a cutter and a date of publication (e.g., "A25 1993"). See a librarian if you need assistance.


RCBC Ebooks

If you're interested in finding ebooks only, head to Ebook Central or eBook Collection. To log in, use the barcode located on the back of your student ID and your pin number. You have the option to download ebooks to a device, but we strongly recommend reading them online to take advantage of the full suite of available tools. Create a personal account using your Library barcode and PIN to manage and organize your ebook reading and research.

Websites of Interest

These are some websites that may be of interest to your research: